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‘It will be a grand book for thae Englishers for they winna understand a word of it, ’ Hogg’s boast to William Blackwood. Witty, humorous and comical as the title implies, the eccentric nature of many of the poems collected here nevertheless belies the often serious and moral issues contained within. Newly available in paperback, and including many of Hogg’s better known longer pieces, the present volume is based on the first edition of A Queer Book to be published since 1832 - though the similarity between the two editions ends with the running order. While the text for the original edition was substantially reworked by the publisher to smooth out Hogg’s use of Scots, this volume brings together manuscripts from all over the world to provide material as near to his final copy as possible. The result is a vibrant collection including many poems which have never been studied critically before. A thorough introduction to the best of Hogg’s poetry.

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A Queer Book

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  • ISBN-13: 9780748632916
  • ISBN-10: 0748632913
  • Publisher: Edinburgh University Press
  • Publish Date: June 2007
  • Page Count: 278
  • Reading Level: Ages 22-UP
  • Dimensions: 8.54 x 6.33 x 0.96 inches
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